A little About ME

Natasha Pace

Natasha Pace


My reason for going in to the estate sales business was a natural one.  Aside from a love of organizing, researching and helping, in 2008 I received a phone call that changed me.  My somewhat estranged father had suddenly died.  Aside from the initial shock and sadness, I learned my father had 3 homes and one was in another country!  The entire responsibility of handling his affairs fell entirely on me.

Feeling overwhelmed, but wanting closure, I attempted to go through each of his estates myself, regardless of having a newborn and a toddler along with a full-time day job.  What I learned and experienced during this time was beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

Emotionally, it was difficult.  Some family members made it frustrating and the physical amount of material possessions was more than I could’ve ever believed.  By the third property, I was so drained, I decided to hire a professional estate liquidator.  I immediately felt a sense of relief and my sanity restored.  I put all my trust into that liquidator and it was the best money I could've spent.  Now I could get to healing and moving on from my loss.

For whatever reason you need our services, please know, we understand and have been where you are now. We are sensitive to your needs.  Be it the care of a loved one’s possessions or just a deep closet cleaning, we can do this for you and you can trust us.