Why Buy Cheap Furniture When You Can Choose Quality?

Inevitably, we all find ourselves in need of some new furniture from time to time. Perhaps you just moved, or your existing coffee table is an eyesore. If you are on a budget, it’s tempting to go and out and buy cheap furniture to fill the need. It may seem affordable, but there are hidden costs to “cheap.” Luckily, there are also much better alternatives.

Are you really saving money? Cheap furniture breaks. It won’t be long before you need to replace it. You’ll have to spend money again on something you don’t love. “It will do for now,” you tell yourself.

We are not suggesting that you buy expensive furniture on credit because that would be unwise. We do advise you to check out a couple of Las Vegas estate sales before making your decision. You may find like-new furniture from brands like Lazy Boy and Broyhill. Or you may score a charming mid-century gem by Drexel. For the same price as the cheap stuff (maybe a little more, possibly less), you can get real value.  (You can even find some cheap stuff at estate sales, cheaper than buying it new.)

Tragically, many gorgeous furniture items are left unloved after the estate sale is over. They go on to consignment shops, wearing over-inflated price tags. Or worse, they go to the dump with all that broken, cheap furniture.

Be part of the solution. Choose style and quality; it won’t cost more. Shopping at estate sales can elevate your lifestyle, making luxury attainable. You can give yourself credit for being environmentally responsible because it keeps stuff out of landfills. Most importantly, to us, it helps a family that is going through a difficult transition.

Visit our upcoming sales page for locations and available items. We hope to see you at the next sale! Remember to bring a truck and some strong friends to move your marvelous new furniture.